Swiss company focused on development to market of natural, highly effective products
for unmet esthetic and medical needs

EpiPharm is a clinical-stage company developing novel, highly effective treatments for esthetic and medical needs.

EpiPharm has discovered that Artemisinins are effective in the treatment of melanocytic lesions and seborrhoeic keratosis. (cf. publication in BJM) .

The company has further developed a unique, proprietary multi-active composition of selected, synergistically acting ingredients from Artemisia plants – a breakthrough in dermal research.

The discoveries provide EpiPharm AG with new, effective solutions addressing different skin disorders including prevention and treatment of dysplastic epidermal cell growth.

Intellectual property is based on therapeutic use patents lasting until 2027/2034

Artemether for topical use in patients with seborrhoeic keratosis Br J Dermatol 2018 Nov;179(5):1225-1226.


Management Team

Highly experienced senior pharma executives

Dr. Rosemarie Sift Carter


Extensive experience in research and drug development, (Ciba, Novartis, Janssen, Roche) and regulatory affairs (Swissmedic). Degrees in pharmacy, pharmacoepidemiology, PhD in natural sciences.

Dr. Robert Carter

Head Development and Regulatory

Very broad background in pharmaceutical operations, development, quality, regulatory affairs, production and sales (Abbott, BASF Pharma, Ciba-Geigy, Arpida, Acino). Degree in chemical & PhD in biochemical engineering.

EpiPharm’s pipeline offers numerous opportunities for co-development or licensing

EpiPharm’s pipeline offers numerous opportunities for co-development or licensing of its projects targeting a range of skin disorders.

In case of interest please contact us at or one of the team members:

Advisors and Network
Renowned experts

EpiPharm is proud to have engaged experts
in different fields.

    • Prof. R. Haynes: HKUST, HK, Medicinal Chemistry
    • Prof. A. Dayan: University of London, UK, Preclinical Safety
    • Dr. med. A Härtel: CH, Medical Consultant
    • Dr. A. Watkinson: Storith Consulting, UK, Formulation Development
    • Phytovero CH; Formulation Development
    • Medpharm UK; Formulation Development
    • Skin Test Institute CH; Efficacy and Safety Testing of Cosmetic Products
    • Scarletred AT; Imaging