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Products Effect Status Partnering
Epi AA-C
anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-tumor
and anti-viral effect
inhibition of melanogenesis
photoprotection (radical scavenger)
skin regeneration
Epi AA-C
developed to market
notified in EU & CH
registration in China ongoing
out-licensed for China
available for other countries
Epi AA-T
anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-tumor
and anti-viral effect
wound healing
photoprotection (radical scavenger)
skin regeneration
Epi AA-T
development completed
tolerability and stability test
available for out-licensing
Epi AA-S
high natural photoprotection and anti-
inflammatory activity
skin regeneration and hydration
prototype developed
finalization dependent on the
country regulations in respect
to SPF filters
available for out-licensing

EpiPharm AG: Pipeline 4/2023

Epi AA-C: The Lead Product
Epi AA-C multi-acting serum with outstanding efficacy designed to address
different skin problems

Multi-acting & multi-benificial
designed to address different skin disorders

  • remarkable reduction of akne marks and hyperpigmentations
  • effectively restores blemished skin and stimulates skin regeneration
  • shows strong anti-pollution, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect
  • acts against «skin growth disorders» (e.g. actinic keratosis)
  • significantly increases skin density and elasticity (antiaging erffect)

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Outstanding efficacy

  • demonstrated by clinical studies
  • confirmed by product users (case series)
High quality - swiss made
  • developed and produced in Switzerland
  • 100% natural & vegan

Seborrheic Keratois (SK) - Projects
First SK therapy that treats tumor formation and growth

SK treated with Epi-SK17

Dermoscopic image - Lesion clearance after treatment

EPI-SK 14, a phase I/II study with Artemether has successfully been completed. The data demonstrate a clinically relevant and statistically significant regression of SK lesions in size, color and texture. Regression continued markedly after treatment stop. The study results have been published online in the British Journal of Dermatology.

EPI-SK17 has been selected as lead product candidate based on properties which distinguish it from other artemisinin derivatives tested, including greater potency, and shorter duration of treatment. The product is about to enter phase IIb clinical development.

Before Treatment

After Treatment

EPI-N06 - Project
Effective and lasting treatment of hyperpigmented spots

Age spot treatead with Epi-N06

Dermoscopic image – Significant regression in size and color

EPI-N06 is a topical, novel and effective treatment of melanocytic pigmented lesions which targets the melanin formation by synergistic mechanisms of action and by different pathways.

A phase I/II study has successfully been completed in melanocytic pigmented lesions (nevi and age spots) without tolerability issues. Data demonstrated clinically relevant regression of lesions size and color and a marked reduction of melanin in the epidermis.

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Confocal microscopy image – Relevant decrease of fluorescent melanin